The Crescent, Salford

The Crescent, Salford

Omega Fire has been appointed by Domis Property Group to provide expert fire safety knowledge for their 423-unit residential project in Salford. With completion due in 2020 the project will see residential units in the form of two and three storey townhouses along with open plan apartments, spread across 3 blocks including two towers standing at 22 and 17 storeys high. The development also includes an enclosed car park, a spa area, podium gardens and retail units.

The development is to be provided with sprinkler suppression throughout all apartments to provide a high level of safety for the residents. The development is also provided with mechanical ventilation to the common areas to ensure the escape routes remain protected. Each of the towers is provided with a firefighting shaft for emergency access, including firefighting lifts and rising mains for water supply. In the tallest tower this main is pre-charged to ensure instant availability.

Omega Fire were able to provide a fire engineered solution for the open-plan layouts within both the townhouses and the apartments, utilising the significant benefit of sprinklers and automatic detection. Further fire engineering challenges came from the extended travel distances within some of the common corridors. We were able to show, through Computer Fluid Dynamics Modelling, that proposals for enhanced mechanical ventilation systems within the corridors provided safe escape for the occupants and tenable conditions for Fire Service arrival.

With the recent announcement of a master plan to transform Salford into ‘the Brooklyn of Greater Manchester’ with new city districts, we are thrilled to be involved in this exciting project which could be just the start of the great things to come for the area.

Monday 23rd April 2018