International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day

To show our support for International Women in Engineering Day #INWED18 we are shining the spotlight on our recently promoted female Fire Engineer, Chloe Grundy.

Chloe joined Omega Fire in March 2016 as a Trainee Fire Engineer, having just completed her Masters in Fire Investigation. Within just three short months Chloe had quickly showcased her talent and commitment for fire engineering, achieving promotion to Graduate Fire Engineer.

On 1st June this year Chloe became our first ever female engineer to be promoted from Graduate to Fire Engineer. This was a well-deserved promotion for Chloe and we couldn’t be prouder of all she has achieved so far in her career.

So, to really put Chloe on the spot we asked her a couple of questions to help others understand why she chose this career, and hopefully encourage more women to consider a career in engineering.

What made you choose Fire Engineering?

From the degrees that I have taken, fire has always been a fundamental factor within my studies, and during my investigation masters I saw first-hand the impacts a fire can have on buildings and people’s lives. This then kick-started my desire to prevent fires from happening in the first place, and I saw fire engineering as my opportunity to do this.

Can you tell us something about being an engineer and working in the industry?

I love working as an engineer, whether that is with my team or on my own and showing people that women can also be successful in a male-dominated field. You shouldn’t be scared to try something because it’s new, or you’ve never done anything in that discipline before. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn. I’m aiming to encourage women to try out new things, and maybe they will figure out that fire engineering is what they love, just like I did. I am thrilled to become the first female Fire Engineer at Omega, but I’m sure I won’t be the last.

What are your future plans for your career?

I’m now working towards becoming a Senior Engineer at Omega and a Chartered Fire Engineer with the Institution of Fire Engineers.

How do you think we can raise more awareness of engineering as a career to women/younger females?

The Women’s Engineering Society is a really important platform for raising awareness of female engineers and has done a great job at promoting women in engineering. I think to expand even more on its success, highlighting the more niche/less well-known career paths (such as fire engineering) that fall under the large umbrella of “Engineering” would raise the profile even more, so females know that there are just so many options open to them in engineering.

I also think it’s also really important to highlight all the different career paths of engineering to females at young ages, like secondary school, so we can encourage them early on.

At Omega we actively encourage diversity in our workplace and fully support the promotion of women in engineering. We would love to see more women working here at Omega Fire! #RaisingTheBar #INWED18

Friday 22nd June 2018