Omega Fire Appointed on Lime Street Development

Omega Fire Appointed on Lime Street Development

Omega Fire has been appointed to develop a fire strategy for a building complex on Lime Street in Liverpool. The proposed scheme comprises three distinct areas of a student residential block (11 storeys), a hotel (3 storeys) and a retail podium level on which both buildings sit.

Each building of the development has unique aspects which would not achieve compliance under Part B of the Building Regulations when applying prescriptive guidance. The main challenge for the design of the fire strategy was to ensure all three structures are able to function independently in terms of evacuation whilst still sharing common functions for general purposes.

The scheme incorporated two main large buildings which provide student residential and hotel accommodation. The strategy had to incorporate all the relevant recommendations from the operators guidelines, which are more onerous that the prescriptive guidance of Approved Document B (ADB). Due to the complexity of the project, the design encountered many deviations from the recommendations of prescriptive guidance, and as a result our engineers were required to develop numerous fire engineering solutions. A bespoke smoke control strategy was developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to justify extended travel distances in cluster corridors. We justified the omission of sprinkler protection from the residential area, hotel and the retail podium (as the whole structure is c. 40m in height), and maximised occupancy within the retail units.

Overall the project delivered an exciting challenge, which the engineers overcame to justify and enhance the architectural features proposed.

Wednesday 25th January 2017